Recommended Reading To Promote “Green” Education

25 07 2007

Urban Core International BlogPanama City, Panama; July 25th, 2007:

Urban Core International, SA, announced today it has added a “Recommended Reading” section to the Urban Core International blog. The blog is located at <> . This new section highlights important books and texts Urban Core feels will enhance reader’s understanding and education of green practices today. Books include The Lazy Environmentalist by Josh Dorfman, Live Earth’s Global Warming Surviving Handbook, and The SmartCode V8.0, a guide to urban development and planning by Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company. New books and texts will be updated consistently. Urban Core hopes that by keeping readers informed of up-to-date information, they will be better consumers and live and work greener lives.

Urban Core International, S.A. is focused on the development of boutique residential and commercial property in and around Urban Cores. Our mission is two fold; to develop sustainable, quality projects with a focus on strength through design and collaboration, and to provide project owners whom we represent with unparalleled project management services through hard work, collaboration, discipline and attention to detail.




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