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uc-logo-new.jpgUrban Core International, S.A. is focused on the development of boutique residential and commercial property in and around Urban Cores. Our mission is two fold; to develop sustainable, quality projects with a focus on strength through design and collaboration, and to provide project owners whom we represent with unparalleled project management services through hard work, collaboration, discipline and attention to detail.

At Urban Core, we believe that a building is more than simply the sum of its parts. It is a well-founded idea, one that has been reviewed from all angles, by all disciplines involved in the project. It is a home, and a part of a larger community that it impacts. Our goal is to make sure our buildings are not only successful projects, but are constructed in a manner that contributes to the community, while meeting the needs of the buildings owners and future occupants. Our work is guided by our values, which enable to ensure a projects success.

http://www.urbancoreintl.com [Web Site]

http://podcast.urbancoreintl.com [Podcasts]

http://www.myspace.com/urbancoreintl [MySpace]



4 responses

1 03 2007

dateline special is a very good addition/introduction to Panama. can’t wait to have my place on the beach…

4 03 2007

most impressed and continue to inspire all of us.

5 03 2007

just love it all

9 08 2007
Ana Lorena Quintero

Panama = Green

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